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Multi-Modal Radar Module

How to show stationary targets or clutter on the screen

Exercises for Pulse Radars

Aim: Showing radar stationery targets (Clutter) on the screen; see that the signals strength significantly decreases with the radar range; and check the influence of the Sensitivity Time Control.

A teacher version of the same exercise with all answers and guiding instructions is available on request.

Pulse Radar Module

How to capture moving targets on the screen

Download the 2nd Exercise on Pulse Radars

Aim: Showing moving targets on the radar screen and estimating of antenna’s beam width. The teacher version is available as well.


Pulse Radar Module

The relationship of range and transmitter's pulse width 

Download the 4rth Exercise

Aim: Showing the limited maximum range if you use a short transmitter’s pulse width. A teacher's version of the document will provide answers and give guiding comments.

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