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The multi-modal radar operates with an S-Band Tx/Rx radar and uses a computer-based control-center to visualize A-Scope and B-Scopes, as well as to manipulate parameters (power, pulse-width), filters, amplification and to look at aspects like clutter or Doppler. The basic setting consists of an S-band antenna (placed or pointing outside through a window), several radar modules which can be replaced in a plug and play approach and an CloudServer which reads the radar's IQ data and communicates it to the computers .

In pulse mode, the transmitter can send very short pulses through the antenna into the environment and the receiver will monitor static (buildings, trees...) and moving objects (cars, person...) which pass the antenna beam. In FMCW mode (extension), the user can operate with frequency modulation. Alike aircraft in the sky or on the runway, the moving cars or people allow to study  I/Q data, MTI and Doppler effects. The signals are digitized, processed and recorded using a DSP, data is visualised in the control center. The basic module can be extended by a monopulse unit, a field analyzer, a test interrogator and more.

The Multi-Modal Radar can be analyzed by 100+ computers concurrently.


  • Antenna measurements
    • antenna gain,
    • beam-pointing
  • Reflection measurements and analysis
  • Vector measurements I/Q
  • Moving Target Indicator
  • Clutter processing
  • Doppler Filters
  • Pulse Compression
  • Variable Transmission Power
  • Target Detection
  • Recording and replay function
  • A-Scopes and B-Scopes as well as many analytic functions 
  • PPI-Scope for recorded ATC scenarios
The Pulse Radar gives access to important positions in the signal conversion chain through sockets.


The control center software is available for the following subjects:

  • Experiments on Pulse, FMCW (extension) and Doppler (extension)
  • Experiments on A-Scope, B-Scope and Plan-Position-Indicator (PPI only with pre-recorded data)
  • Calibrating a radar using amplification, filters and settings
  • Experimenting on radar theory (e.g. the radar equation), manipulating parameters like emission power, pulse width or frequency
  • Clutter processing e.g., through Sensitive Time Control (STC)
  • Radar Cross Section (RCS) analysis allowing for an understanding of the varying detectability of objects based on material, absolute and relative size, reflection angle, distance and strength of the signal.
  • Experimenting on the signal conversion cycle, using many external sockets.
  • Allows analyzing performance and false alarm tolerances through adjustment of the sensitivity.
  • Adjustable decision threshold allowing for experiments on background noise.
  • And much more.


The Multi-Modal Radar Module consists of:

  • one (1) antenna
  • one (1) power supply unit
  • one (1) power amplifier unit
  • one (1) exciter unit Pulse
  • one (1) cable set.



As the Pulse Radar module is modular and open by design, it can extended by countless systems. Please discuss your requirements with us.

The broad coverage of solutions useful in ICAO and EuroControl ATCO and ATSEP training programs as well as IATA qualifications makes SkyRadar the preferred choice of many aviation academies and IATA TrainAir Plus accredited institutions. Also, many universities  use the PSR Base Module within their qualification, education, training or research programs.

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