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New FreeScopes Features Make Course Organisation for Teachers and Exchange of Data for Students Easier (Videos)

FreeScopes has evolved into the leading training environment for handling and visualizing radar I/Q data. We have added some nice features, which allow to easily include FreeScopes experiments into training programs or learning management systems.

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Exporting Logs from FreeScopes and Analyzing in MATLAB (video)

FreeScopes "Record, Replay & Livestream" Module allows to transfer live (livestream) or recorded data to MATLAB or any other numeric computing environment.

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Comparing Various Algorithms to Monitor Moving Targets (Video)

This video illustrates how to monitor moving targets through various alternative algorithms. It provides an easy to follow introduction into the setup of a radar block diagram and its scopes (A-Scope, PPI) using previously recorded IQ data.

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Record & Replay in FreeScopes - Possibilities to Enhance Your Training Arrangements (Video)

This video shows the record and replay function and suggests learning arrangements where record and replay can enable new learning arrangements.

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Cleaning Radar Signals in the A-Scope

We prerecorded a person's movements in front of the NextGen Radar. In replay mode, we show step-by-step how to clean the signal.

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FreeScopes Recording and Replay Features (Video)

SkyRadar now offers a recording and replay feature to record IQ data log files from live recordings, or from a blend of live data and superimposed simulated data (e.g. disturbances or deception through jamming).

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