This video shows the record and replay function and suggests learning arrangements where record and replay can enable new learning arrangements.

As you already know, our Radar training suite can be run from every corner of the world, and there is no need to be in laboratories. Therefore we have introduced a record button with which the system admin can record the environment in the lab and send it to students by giving them tasks to solve with the recorded data.

The record button can also be used for recording and investigating different environment scenarios to understand how the environment affects the detection of the targets.

As our radar simulator uses the same platform as our physical radar, we can also record data in our simulator the same way in our radar.

For more advanced data analysis, some of our clients use the recorded data to further post-process them in standard tools like Matlab or python. The data will be exported as an hdf5 file, an open-source file format that supports extensive, complex, heterogeneous data and can be easily read with standard tools.

However, due to the replay button, you do not need to export your data because you can replay your recorded information on our platform. Watch the video to see the details.

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