Arnold Bistri

Experienced Field Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Antennas, FEKO, CST Microwave Studio, Matlab, and Cadence Virtuoso. Strong operations professional with a Master of Science - MS focused in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from University of Stuttgart.

Exporting Logs from FreeScopes and Analyzing in MATLAB (video)

FreeScopes "Record, Replay & Livestream" Module allows to transfer live (livestream) or recorded data to MATLAB or any other numeric computing environment.

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Micro-Doppler Frequencies Visualized with the NextGen and FreeScopes (Video)

In this video we visualize the movement of a Fidget Spinner (hand-held toy) with the 8 GHz Pulse Radar, a Fast Fourier Transformation and a Heatmap in FreeScopes

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Surveillance of Moving Targets - Comparison of MTD & Kalman Filter (Video)

This video compares the MTD algorithm and the Kalman filter. The use case is a moving target, in this particular case a person moving zig zag in front of SkyRadar's 8 GHz NextGen Pulse radar.

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A Short Video-Explanation of the Kalman Filter Shown in FreeScopes ATC II (Video)

This article presents the Kalman filter in text and video. It is implemented in FreeScopes ATC II and works with live data, recorded data and simulation.

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SkySim - Radar Simulator with Moving Target Indication MTI (Video)

This video introduces into the MTI algorithm in SkySim - the technical radar simulator.

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Record & Replay in FreeScopes - Possibilities to Enhance Your Training Arrangements (Video)

This video shows the record and replay function and suggests learning arrangements where record and replay can enable new learning arrangements.

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SkySim - Noise Jamming with SkyRadar's Technical Radar Simulator

This video shows SkySim's noise jamming features. It's the most common and most simply approach of jamming. It is also the easiest to detect and uncover.

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SkySim - Feature Overview of SkyRadar's Technical Radar Simulator (Video)

This video describes the features of the technical radar simulator.

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iMM Tracking - Extension of the Kalman Filter on Lateral Positions

Apart of the linear Kalman filter, SkyRadar also presents an implementation of the interacting multiple model (iMM) filter for object tracking.

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