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Understanding the ICAO Doc 10057 Manual on ATSEP Competency Based Training and Assessment

This article will explain what the ICAO Doc 10057 Manual on ATSEP Competency Based Training and Assessment is and how it is used for training guidelines.

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ICAO 10057: How to choose the right ATC training infrastructure for ATSEP (ACC, APP, TWR)

Competency-based training for Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel is challenging. Trainees need an operating replication of a real ATC environment including AIS, Meteorology, Communication (voice and data), navigation, surveillance, data processing and automation, system monitoring and cyber security infrastructure. This article suggests and approach of how to proceed.

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What Training Equipment is Required for ATSEP Training?

Traditional teaching methods, including lectures and book study are an important part of ATSEP training. However, the most important part of ATSEP training is the use of training equipment that exposes students to situations they will or might encounter throughout their careers as ATSEP. The use of radar equipment and simulators are used throughout all phases of ATSEP training under both ICAO and EASA training requirements.

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Regulatory Requirements to ATSEP trainings - What is changing in 2020

Beginning January 2, 2020, EU Regulation 2017/373’s Annex XIII Requirements for Service Providers Concerning Personnel Training and Competence Assessment, Subpart A concerning the training of Air Traffic Safety Electronic Personnel (ATSEP) comes into full effect. While ATSEP rules will remain the same as in the previous regulation, Regulation 1377/2016 there will be changes where service providers are concerned.

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