Jean-Luc Rohou & Dr. Ulrich Scholten

Jean-Luc Rohou is an experienced automation engineer and expert in analog & digital communication as well as electronic & radar applications. Dr. Ulrich Scholten is an automation engineer with a PhD in cloud computing. He is the founder of SkyRadar.

Troubleshooting Kit in the Radar & SMC Laboratory (Videos)

ATSEP need to service redundant sets of transmitters & receivers remotely. This includes remote monitoring of system health, emergency switching in case of system degradation, but also the regular switching between operational and idle modes. SkyRadar's Radar Trouble-Shooting Kit allows to perform a plethora of important actions, all while being connected to a system monitoring and control training system.

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Radar and SMC Laboratory to Conduct Training Conform to ICAO DOC 10057 & EU Reg 2017/373 (Video)

This modular laboratory allows training from radar basics to complex ATSEP calibration, parametrization and switching procedures. Optionally it can include a unit on electronic warfare. It also includes SkyRadar's SMC suite with a miniaturized ATM infrastructure.

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Analog and Digital Communication Laboratory for ATSEP and Military Users (Video)

In this video, SkyRadar presents the new Analog and Digital Communication Lab, allowing to model SUR, NAV and COM applications around a DSP and a transmitter and receiver unit.

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Electronics Laboratory for ATSEP and Military Users (Videos)

SkyRadar's Electronics Laboratory includes 3 subsets: analog electronics, digital electronics and microcontroller technology. Watch the videos.

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SkyRadar's Electrical Laboratory for ATSEP and Military Users (Video)

Electrical theories, concepts and applications are the basis for all electronics, radar and communications engineering. We introduce this basic laboratory as entrance laboratory for new trainees, entering the world of´ATSEP.

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SkyRadar's Electro-Mechanical Laboratory for ATSEP and Military Users (Video)

Primary and secondary radar towers are electro-mechanical devices, with motors and motor control systems. SkyRadar's electromechanical laboratory provides a comprehensive learning environment for various kinds of motors and their control.

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