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Peter Green

Peter Green is an internationally active manager in Air Traffic Control. He looks back at a technical career in the fields of ATC and also has been in charge of ATCO and ATSEP qualification for many years.

Procuring a Simulator, a Wise and Cost-Effective Decision

The simulator is a perfect device for controllers and ATSEP to practice and learn. Benefits of acquiring a simulator make this device a vital part of air traffic services.   

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The Importance of Simulator-based Training and Its Role in ATC

Simulators are being used extensively in air traffic control services for efficient and smooth operations. The use of simulation has a great impact on learning.

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What is a Flight Plan and How to fill it?

A pilot is getting ready to depart for a particular destination. Before departure, he or she will plan his flight just like any traveler who plans about his journey.

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Understanding Air Traffic Control Clearance

In air traffic services, two protagonists hold a significant position: Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. In Air Traffic Services pilots are being instructed and advised by air traffic controllers at almost frequent intervals.

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How to Build the Technical and Procedural Skill-Set in Air Traffic Control

For the acquisition of technical and procedural skills, both training institutions and individuals have to play an active role. While talking about the role of an Institution in acquiring these skills, let’s look at Pre Traffic training through simulators and training radars and see how this is embedded into the trainees overall qualification journey.

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Understanding The Concepts of Range and Bearing

RADAR has become a key technology to help navigate aircraft. With a growing demand of efficient air space usage, the demand for RADAR systems is growing. RADAR is a technology that uses Radio waves to detect objects in the air or sea. 

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