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Enhancing ATSEP Training Compliance: The Importance of Practical Qualification

In the world of air traffic management, the training of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel (ATSEP) is the backbone of safety and effective operations. The proper qualification of ATSEP professionals is vital for ensuring the safety, efficiency, and reliability of communication, navigation, surveillance, and technical systems in aviation.

To meet compliance standards outlined in documents such as ICAO 10057 and EASA Easy Access Rules ATM, practical training becomes a crucial element. This article emphasizes the significance of practical qualification and highlights the contributions of SkyRadar, a leading manufacturer of aviation training equipment, in meeting these requirements.

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SkySMC - A Real Service-Oriented System Monitoring & Control Environment for ATSEP Qualification (Video)

State-of-the-art qualification of ATSEP cannot limit itself on scenario-based animations. There are too many error-options. To reach higher levels in the learning taxonomy, real or virtualized infrastructures are the solution.

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ATCO and ATSEP Job Profiles Are Progressively Converging

Some weeks ago I had an inspiring and thrilling meeting with Renata Zlopasa and Jan Brutsaert from EUROCONTROL. Renata stated an intriguing track of thought that stuck in my head. In essence she said, the ATCO and ATSEP job profiles will be progressively converging.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Categorization Of Errors and System Failures Faced By ATSEP

ATSEP is confronted with multiple errors. A categorization of these errors will help them in understanding the situation in a better way with least possible delay.

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Identity Is The New Perimeter In Data Centric Security - Why the ATSEP Approach to Cybersecurity Requires Rethinking

Ground-to-Ground and Ground-to-Air interoperability make perimeter-orientation in cybersecurity obsolete. Cyber-security needs to be data-centric. Identity for systems and humans is a keystone in interconnected ATM.

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System Monitoring & Control - Connecting Our Multi-Sensor Box

SkyRadar's System Monitoring and Control is an open system. It lives of all the components that can be connected. In this video we present the multi-sensor box, a device which can help to include virtually anything into the overall monitored surface.

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The European ATM Master Plan & Its Implications for ATSEP Qualification

EU’s aviation strategy is documented in the European Air Traffic Master Plan.

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Cybersecurity Challenges in Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems support aircraft in their transition from departure to destination. Given their strategic importance to societies and economies, they are an appealing target for cyber threat actors.

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What Are the Impacts of Data Exchange in ATC & SWIM on Monitoring, Cybersecurity & Related ATSEP Training?

Increased aviation capacity, cost savings and a continuously reducing CO2 impact build on reliable interoperability and information exchanged within and between various ANSPs and connected players. This impacts SMC and Cybersecurity requirements.

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