This article will describe the advantages of being a TrainAir Plus Partner of Excellence and explain how to achieve this special membership level.

TrainAir Plus offers a Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) Membership as one of its membership options. This prestigious membership provides full membership and affords the ability to develop ICAO courses according to ICAO provisions as specified in the organization’s Annexes and guidance materials. RTCE Members can also partner with the ICAO to develop ICAO Training Packages (ITPs).

What are the Benefits of Becoming a TrainAir Plus RTCE?

TrainAir Plus RTCE members receive all the benefits that are afforded to Associate and Full members. They also receive the added benefit as being recognized as a regional training leader by the ICAO. RTCE’s are permitted to develop and deliver ITPs in the following subjects according to published ICAO Annexes and guidance materials, including:

RTCE members can also generate revenues from delivering the ITPs they develop, which can make being an RTCE financially rewarding. The ICAO and RTCE will share in the revenue of the joint ITP.

What is the Process of Becoming a TrainAir Plus RTCE?

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To initiate the process of RTCE recognition, A TrainAir Plus full member must first apply through the TrainAir Plus Electronic System (TPeMS) and fill out an application form.

RTCE candidates must first go through an assessment that is conducted by the ICAO Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office.

This assessment is conducted according to the Framework for RTCE Status Recognition and Maintenance and other high-level criteria.

Once the GAT office has confirmed that the RTCE applicant has met all the required criteria through the assessment, it will then forward an invoice to the applicant for the initial annual membership fee for

The RTCE member status will be officially granted when the GAT Office receives the applicant’s remittance for the membership fee invoice. When this happens, the new RTCE will receive an official plaque proclaiming its RTCE member status and a certificate that lists the areas in which it is authorized to develop and deliver IPTs. The certificate is valid for three years and its validity is conditional to the RTCE member’s compliance to the RTCE criteria as set by the Framework for RTCE Status Recognition and Maintenance.

What are the Responsibilities of a TrainAir Plus RTCE?

The privilege of becoming a TrainAir Plus RTCE does come with certain responsibilities.

  • New call-to-actionRTCEs are required to submit an ITP proposal to the GAT Office and receive approval to start developing that ITP within 12 months of being approved as an RTCE.

  • RTCEs are required to complete an ITP development process every two years through the TPeMS. However, if the RTCE is approved in more than one authorized subject, it will be required to develop at least one ITP per authorized subject every two years.

  • RTCEs are required to deliver their ITP(s) that they have developed at least once a year. The delivery schedule to the GAT Office is the beginning of each calendar year through 15 February.

  • To maintain an RTCE status, the member must continue to meet all ICAO RTC requirements as shown during the application process’s assessment phase. The RTCE must provide proof twice a year to the GAT Office that it still meets the required acceptance criteria.

Failure to abide the responsibilities of being a TrainAir Plus RTCE could result in temporary suspension or revocation of the RTCE status. When the RTCE status is revoked, the member would be re-categorized as an Associate of Full Member.

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