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NavAids Simulator for
ICAO-based ATSEP training

ILS, VOR, DME, and more!

A set of simulators support training through the ATSEP's student's learning path. The system can be used in classroom training (e.g., for instructor presentations) as well as in self-learning contexts. The system is particularly interesting for remote learning phases, e.g., during refresher phases. E.g., abnormal and emergency situations can be played through.

CSB-SBO-Infograohic (1)

The ATSEP personnel's competencies range from an architectural understanding of the NavAids solutions via fault analysis competencies to rapid recovery strategies.

SkyRadar's simulator allows for rapid familiarization and step by step it provides a detailed understanding of the function of  

  • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), 
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
  • Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Range (VOR)

The simulators give a holistic view on the antenna patterns in function of the underlaying electrical circuits and control systems. The ATSEP gains an understanding on how the patterns will change, when the electronics is offset or erratic.

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