This video introduces into the MTI algorithm in SkySim - the technical radar simulator.

Welcome to another video from Skyradar. Today we want to present the MTI in our SkySim radar simulator.

MTI, which stands for Moving target indication, is a mode of operation of radar to differentiate a target from the clutter.

MTI starts by comparing two successive pulses, and by using a delay line, where the first stored pulse is compared with the next coming pulse to the receiver. If the pulses show the same return, that indicates that there is not a target that is moving. If the first and the second pulse show different signals, the difference between the two will appear in the PPI scope.

If you want to learn more about the theoretical aspect of the MTI algorithm, you can look at our Blog where you will find a detailed explanation of the algorithm.

Now let's have a look at a simple example in the simulator.

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