This video describes the features of the technical radar simulator.

The simulator is able to simulate radar, noise jammer and deception jammers. This allows to apply the simulator in the context of civil and military defence training.

Features are:

  • Radar Simulator
    • Pulse
    • FMCW
  • Jammer Simulator
    • Noise jammers
      • Spot jammers
      • Barrage jammers
    • Deception jammers


The following video gives an overview of SkySim's features.

Target Generation

This video shows how to generate targets in SkySim.

There is much more in SkySim

Follow our blogs and videos on SkySim to learn more about the simulator. There are many features making it valuable in a civil aviation but also in a military context. The simulator can be accessed via browsers remotely by many students concurrently. It can be managed by standard learning management systems like Moodle.

It is ideal for training levels 3 and 4 in qualification programs for ICAO 10057 or the EASA Easy Access Rules.

Academies can by the server hardware and simulator or connect with partnering academies who offer the solution as a service.


Let's talk

Stay tuned to be always the first to learn about new use cases and training solutions in radar qualification (real radars or simulators) for ATSEP.

Or simply talk to us to discuss your training solution.

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