This article features a video on an FFT plot. It has been implemented in real-time, just by connecting and calibrating the blocks in the block-diagram. The video shows well how the FFT amplitude moves to the right, when the person approaches and to the left when the person moves away from the source.

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If you want to learn more about the theory behind these FFT Plots, please read the in-depth article by our friend and co-author Eddie Hughes.

This feature is part of the package FreeScopes Basic II (3D-Scope, CFAR (2d), RCS, FFT (2d), Windows functions, Spectrogram, etc.). It builds on, and requires the basic set of features FreeScopes Basic I (A-Scopes, B-Scopes, STC, CFAR (1d), FFT (1d), IQ data blocks, MIT, etc.).

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