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Micro-Doppler Frequencies Visualized with the NextGen and FreeScopes (Video)

In this video we visualize the movement of a Fidget Spinner (hand-held toy) with the 8 GHz Pulse Radar, a Fast Fourier Transformation and a Heatmap in FreeScopes

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2-Dimensional Constant false alarm rate CFAR Explained Using FreeScopes (Video)

The following video explains in detail the 2 Dimensional CFAR.

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FMCW add-on: Catching Movements with a Simple Arrangement of Range-FFT, Threshold and PPI (Video)

In this short video we visualize movements of a person in front of a training radar. We apply range FFT, source suppression, a threshold and a PPI. We also look at the movements in an A-Scope.

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Video: FFT Plot of a Pulsed Doppler Radar Implemented with SkyRadar's NextGen Radar and FreeScopes

This article features a video on an FFT plot. It has been implemented in real-time, just by connecting and calibrating the blocks in the block-diagram. The video shows well how the FFT amplitude moves to the right, when the person approaches and to the left when the person moves away from the source.

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Why is the FFT Plot of a pulsed-Doppler radar mirrored? (Video)

When it comes to radar, the FFT (Fast-Fourier Transform) is used to convert time domain signals into frequencies. An example of its use is for converting the dual channels of a pulse-Doppler radar from time domain into range-Doppler data.

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