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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of False Targets on Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a vital component of aviation safety, responsible for managing and guiding aircraft in the airspace. However, false targets in the context of processing errors pose a significant challenge to ATC operations. This article aims to explore the impact of false targets on ATC services, provide a definition, present examples, and discuss scenarios that highlight their consequences.

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Multiple Plots and Tracks in FreeScopes (Video)

In this video we show how FreeScopes can track and differentiate multiple targets, plot the history dots and indicate direction and speed with a speed vector.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Understanding Target Formation and Fixing Track Errors

Sometimes a single plot or a track gets split into two targets appearing at different positions. This split of targets is termed double targeting. This article explains the reasons and suggests countermeasures.

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A New Beautiful Video of Plots and Tracks with Speed-Vector in FreeScopes ATC I with the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar (Video)

This article features a video which shows the plots and tracks as well as the speed-vector generated in FreeScopes ATC I. Students can build their block diagrams concurrently. After cleaning the signal, e.g. with the MTI block, they can add tracks and plots.

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Tracking - Understanding Plots, Tracks and Labels in the Plan Position Indicator

This article describes how plots, tracks and labels are displayed in PPIs for airtraffic control in compliance with ICAO Doc 4444. All features are part of SkyRadar's FreeScopes ATC module.

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