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Darakhshan Zaidi

Darakhshan is an educator, author and aviation expert. She chairs a ever growing think tank of ATSEP and ATSEP trainers. Her vision is to structure ATSEP service processes around today's and tomorrow's architectures into use cases. These use cases shall be the basis for level 3, 4 and 5 training in the context of EASA and ICAO qualification programs. The SkyRadar team is thrilled by her work, implementing every use case into blended and virtualized applied learning infrastructure.

ATSEP Use Cases: Instrument Misuse Error

In air traffic control services, instrument misuse errors refer to errors made by air traffic controllers in using air traffic control equipment or systems, such as radars, communication systems, or flight data processing systems.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Software-Related Missing Command Errors

Missing command error refers to a situation where a required command is not found, causing a program or a system to be unable to execute properly. This article has the ATSEP-Strategies to be adopted to Mitigate the Risk of Software Related Missing Command Error.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Radar Interference Due To ADS-B

Radar Interference due to ADS-B can create hindrances in normal operations of a radar system.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Instrument Errors

In air traffic control (ATC), instrument errors refer to inaccuracies or malfunctions in the equipment used to monitor and control aircraft. These errors can range from a simple misreading of instrument displays to more complex system failures that can impact the safe operation of aircraft.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Transmitter-Related Power Errors

A "transmitter-related power error" refers to a situation in which the power output from a transmitter is incorrect or not functioning as intended.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Transmission Errors Related to the Coupler

Transmission errors can be divided on the base of the media through which transmission is taking place. Coupler Errors produce disturbances in transmission.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Transmission Errors Related To Cables

A cable error refers to a malfunction or failure in a cable used for transmitting data or electrical power, which can impact the functioning of the connected devices or systems.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Interference Errors Due To Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems 

Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) error refers to a failure or malfunction in the system designed to prevent aircraft collisions in the airspace.

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A Radar Reference Architecture for ATSEP Qualification

SkyRadar’s Radar reference architecture is a framework that describes the different components that make up a radar system, and how they interact with each other.

It is the basic configuration to provide use cases in system monitoring and control training.

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