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Darakhshan Zaidi

Darakhshan is an educator, author and aviation expert. She chairs a ever growing think tank of ATSEP and ATSEP trainers. Her vision is to structure ATSEP service processes around today's and tomorrow's architectures into use cases. These use cases shall be the basis for level 3, 4 and 5 training in the context of EASA and ICAO qualification programs. The SkyRadar team is thrilled by her work, implementing every use case into blended and virtualized applied learning infrastructure.

ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Processing Issues due to Resolution Errors in ATC

In the field of air traffic control (ATC), ensuring the accuracy and precision of systems and equipment is of utmost importance. However, even with the most advanced technology and well-trained personnel, errors can still occur. One type of error that can significantly impact the performance of ATC systems is processing errors due to resolution. In this article, we will define processing errors due to resolution, discuss their impact on ATC, and explore steps that can be taken to prevent and rectify these errors.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Receiver errors due to Monopulse Accuracy - Impact on Air Traffic Control Services

Receiver errors due to monopulse accuracy can have significant impacts on air traffic control (ATC) services. Monopulse accuracy is a technique used in radar systems to improve their accuracy in tracking targets. However, transmission errors related to monopulse accuracy can result in errors in the data received by ATC systems, leading to safety risks for aircraft in flight.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Load related Processing Errors in ATC

This article aims to explore the impact of processing errors due to load on ATC services, the steps to rectify and prevent these errors, and the factors responsible for them.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Unleashing the Lightning: Safeguarding ATC Systems for Smooth Aviation Operations

ATC ensures safe aircraft movement. Power source errors from lightning-related incidents impact ATC systems. Learn about their definition, impact, and mitigation

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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Transmission Media Error due to Gear in ATC

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a crucial aspect of aviation safety that relies heavily on the accurate and timely transmission of data. Any errors in the transmission of data can lead to serious consequences, including loss of life and property.

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ATSEP Use Cases - The Impact of Receiver-Related Interference Errors on Air Traffic Control (ATC) Services

In this article we explore receiver interference in ATC: Definitions, examples, impacts, causes, types, incidents, and mitigation strategies.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Transmission Media Error due to Encoder in ATC

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a critical component of modern aviation, responsible for the safe and efficient movement of aircraft. ATC relies on accurate and reliable transmission of data between various components of the system.

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ATSEP Use Cases: Impact of Transmitter Errors due to Power Drop in ATC

Transmitter errors due to power drop in ATC can jeopardize safety, causing distorted communication and potential dangers. Reliable backup power systems are crucial to prevent such issues and maintain continuous communication for safe air traffic control.

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ATSEP Use Cases - Impact of Transmission Media Errors due to Azimuth Reset Pulse in ATC

ATC ensures safe aircraft movement using technologies like radars and communication systems. Errors, like azimuth reset pulse, can disrupt transmission, impacting aviation safety. This article examines these errors and prevention/rectification steps

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