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Types of Skills Acquired Through Simulator Training in Air Traffic Control

Simulator training is key for developing the required skill set necessary for the provision of air traffic control services.

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Procuring a Simulator, a Wise and Cost-Effective Decision

The simulator is a perfect device for controllers and ATSEP to practice and learn. Benefits of acquiring a simulator make this device a vital part of air traffic services.   

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The Importance of Simulator-based Training and Its Role in ATC

Simulators are being used extensively in air traffic control services for efficient and smooth operations. The use of simulation has a great impact on learning.

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NavAids - An Introduction into the Signals of ILS, DME and VOR

This article describes signals and operation of an Instrument Landing System ILS, Distance Measuring Equipment DME and a VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR). This article requires an advanced knowledge of mathematics.

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