Eddie Hughes

Eddie Hughes has 37 years experience in all aspects of radar -- RCS, antennas, detection, RF design, software, algorithms, environmental impacts, characterization of objects, architectures, and production. Related to this is experience in digital electronics, A/D boards, networks, digital signal processing, and image processing. Eddie used these skills to develop new products, and marketing experience for sales and business development. He managed teams of engineers and technicians when working for Lockheed, Sperry, XonTech, and DMT. And he is a highly appreciated partner of SkyRadar

Why is the FFT Plot of a pulsed-Doppler radar mirrored? (Video)

When it comes to radar, the FFT (Fast-Fourier Transform) is used to convert time domain signals into frequencies. An example of its use is for converting the dual channels of a pulse-Doppler radar from time domain into range-Doppler data.

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Windowing Functions in Radar Technology

Windowing (also known as weighting) functions are used to combat spectral leakage from digital signal processing. This article explains how they are applied in radar technology.

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