Many training radars have been purchased between 2000 and 2010. Some even between the 1990s. These radars reach the end of their life cycle. SkyRadar makes it easier for you to replace them. Get up to 10.000 EUR scrapping bonus!

New call-to-actionWe have been contacted by many ATC and military academies during the last months as their training radars are getting obselete.

Many systems are simply depreciated now after years and years of intense use.

Technologies like Transistor-Transistor-Logic (TTL) are definitely outdated by now and not found in any serious radar installation. 

And new important requirements like plots and tracks as required in ICAO's doc 4444 did not exist at the time of the purchase.

Also, academies want to follow the changed post-COVID-19 normal, where distance learning features are expected to be part of the value proposition (even more interesting as many governments subsidize web-oriented digitization activities).

We want to make it easier for you to replace the old system. We - SkyRadar - will pay up to 10.000 EUR for your old system when you replace it with a solution from the NextGen 8 GHz series.

We will deduct the scrapping bonus from the invoiced amount for the NextGen system. Given that SkyRadar is already way below the traditional market prices, this makes the investment even more interesting.


Scrapping has never been so attractive.

Talk to us, and benefit from this campaign. As it is limited in time.

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Photo: Radar 909 by courtesy of Stuart Childs (CC BY 2.0). 

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