Martin Rupp and Ulrich Scholten

2 Years Course - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This document describes SkyRadar's 2 years course in A.I, including elements of data science and connected sciences for undergraduate courses (Bachelor Programs).

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NextGen Artificial Intelligence Vol. I including AI Solutions for Image Recognition and Classification

Artificial Intelligence is disruptively changing the world of Aviation and IoT. Radar sensor data play a key role as they are in contrast to photographic images quantitative and measurable. SkyRadar developed a course providing hands-on experiments for Artificial Intelligence. 

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Tutorial: Overview of Results in the Domain of Classifications of RADAR Objects Using Hidden Markov Models, Neural Networks and Other M.L. Techniques

In this article, we shall detail the main results and implementation regarding the processing and classification of RADAR objects using Machine Learning (M.L) techniques such as Hidden Markov Models, Neural Networks or others.

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Tutorial: Support Vector Machines for Automatic RADAR Recognition - A Theoretical Foundation

In the present tutorial, we shall explain what are the Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and how the kernel-based SVM classifiers are working.

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Artificial Intelligence: Hidden Markov Model Classifiers and RADAR Objects Classification by Machine Learning 1/2

In this article we will explore a very special class of classifiers, the Hidden Markov Model Classifiers (HMMs). They are mainly a statistical and probabilistic model but they have found their entry in the world of Machine Learning since they can be trained and classify data.

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