Artificial Intelligence is disruptively changing the world of Aviation and IoT. Radar sensor data play a key role as they are in contrast to photographic images quantitative and measurable. SkyRadar developed a course providing hands-on experiments for Artificial Intelligence. 

AI Module I: Radar-based Classification of Finger-based Gestures

Learn how to classify finger-based gestures. Learn how a Convolutional neural network operates and how to train it via RADAR signals. Base: the blog entry : How RADAR and Artificial Intelligence Allow us to Detect Finger-Counting-Based Gestures  

AI Module II: Building a  Neural Network to Classify Radar Data

Build a  neural network and see it operating to classify RADAR data (based on the FreeScopes Visual Modeller).


AI Module III: AI-based Signal Filtering

See the effects of signal filtering on classification of RADAR samples. UI will allow the use of different types of filters. 

AI Module IV: AI-based Raw Data Classification

Learn to classify other types of data. Experiment on and gain experience with raw image classification through various data-sets. Use other type of real-life RADAR data-sets (example: 

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