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Kenneth Vignali

Kenneth Vignali is Founder and CEO of Signature Peace of Mind Advisors. He is responsible for managing day to day affairs of the company and is heavily involved with the relationships his company has with their clients. His company provides services around cyber security including Open-Source Intelligence Investigations, Digital Forensics and Incident Response as well as general cyber security best practices for their client base. Prior to launching his own company, he has worked with several large Fortune 500 companies and local and state governments while serving as a Senior Security Advisor for Dell SecureWorks. In his time at SecureWorks, he became a trusted advisor to executives including CIOs and CISOs and led various enterprise-wide security projects for over 7 years. Prior to his current career, he spent 8 years in the US Army serving in roles from threat intelligence, artillery and led a Personal Security Detail team for US officers in Iraq, providing security for key high-level personnel while advising the Iraqi military and government.

Hybrid Defense for Air Force and Navy

Military forces around the world have had to contend with political issues between their nations for thousands of years. In the early days of our world, wars would be fought over land, property, kingdoms, resources, and differences in belief systems. The world has evolved over the past several centuries between the bronze age, renaissance and industrial.

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