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Dennis Vasilev

Dennis is Sales Manager at SkyRadar. He is an experienced radar Training Expert and entrepreneur with in depth knowledge about radars and aviation. Dennis worked during many years in military and civilian fields. Dennis speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian and has been working in Europe and Africa. He is driven to conceive the best possible solution for every client.

NextGen 8 GHz Comfort Set - The Economical Entrance into a Modular Suite of Radars & Tower Simulators

The world is rebooting after the COVID-19 pandemic. But budgets are tight after months of standstill. SkyRadar suggests to grow in a modular, affordable and high quality way.

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Training Radars and Tower Simulators - Building the Complete Solution Step by Step - Even With Limited Budget

ATSEP and ATCO Qualification requires training radars, Tower & Radar Simulators and NavAids Simulators. Buying all at once might exceed an academy's budget. SkyRadar offers a fully modular solution to grow step by step into a full training environment for ICAO compliant qualification.

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Tower and Radar Simulators - Sometimes Upgrading the Existing Solution Allows For Benefitting from Novelties Without Exceeding a Tight Budget Frame

Lots of things changed during the last 5 years with respect to operations, procedures and tasks. ATC training infrastructure needs to comply with ever changing applicable law, directives, regulations and pedagogical needs. But how to upgrade an existing Tower & Radar Simulator with limited budget?

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Get Up To 10,000 EUR For Your Old Training Radar When Replacing It With SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Series

Many training radars have been purchased between 2000 and 2010. Some even between the 1990s. These radars reach the end of their life cycle. SkyRadar makes it easier for you to replace them. Get up to 10.000 EUR scrapping bonus!

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Customers' ATC Choice - The cost-effective Training Radar Package for ATCO & ATSEP Requirements

Previously we suggested a reference configuration of a radar training system for ATC academies. Motivated by the positive reception of this setup, we turned it into a special-priced package solution.

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What makes a great Tower Simulator and Radar Simulator?

Tower Simulators and Radar Simulators are essential for the ATCO and ATSEP qualification. But what makes a good system?

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Packaged Solutions and Transparent Pricing

SkyRadar suggests packaged solutions adapted on various requirements and budgets.

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Radar Qualification for ATCO and ATSEP - Is PowerPoint Based Training Good Enough?

Often, when we discuss with trainers their methods of training supply, I learn that radar technology is taught exclusively based on PowerPoint slides. It makes me feel uncomfortable to see that for a driver's licence, or for a hairdresser's qualification, you need hands-on training, but for the people who are in charge of the security of millions of lives, PowerPoint slides should be good enough. That does not work!

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What is an Aerodrome Simulator, a Tower Simulator and a Radar Simulator?

ICAO's requirements for ATCO and ATSEP qualification make simulators necessary to understand the processes and routines during normal operations, but also in emergency situations and contexts of depreciated technology. This article tries to clarify terms and also highlights important features.

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