SkyRadar's Airport Rescue and Firefighting Simulator is made for multiple players. They can see each other and work implement strategies to extinguish the seat of fire. The simulator can be applied to scenarios which are defined by teachers or course designers. A big variety of burning assets includes aircraft, kerosene and gas tanks as well as airport building.

The simulation can be seamlessly connected with our Distributed Control System Simulator and the Tower Simulator (in the 3D TWR simulation, the controllers see the fire as seen by the firefighters. It can in addition be connected to our real life ARFF training systems: The fire, which burns in reality also burn in the simulations. When it extinguishes, it also abates in the simulation.

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This system will revolutionize ARFF training. Controllers, firefighters and security personnel can be trained in a concerted action, which empowers them to save lifes in cases of emergency.

Read more on the integration of Tower Simulators, ARFF and DCS:

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