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ATSEP Use-Cases: Transmitter-Related Power Errors

A "transmitter-related power error" refers to a situation in which the power output from a transmitter is incorrect or not functioning as intended.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Transmission Errors Related to the Coupler

Transmission errors can be divided on the base of the media through which transmission is taking place. Coupler Errors produce disturbances in transmission.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Transmission Errors Related To Cables

A cable error refers to a malfunction or failure in a cable used for transmitting data or electrical power, which can impact the functioning of the connected devices or systems.

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A Digital Immune System for the ATC Architecture

A resilient ATC architecture helps keep the skies safe for all. This article explains why a digital immune system is vital for the ATC architecture.

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European Commission Just Published Regulation (EU 2023/203) on the Management of Information Security Risks in Aviation

Defining rules for the identification & management of information security risks in aviation organizations & aviation competent authorities.

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ATSEP Use-Cases: Interference Errors Due To Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems 

Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) error refers to a failure or malfunction in the system designed to prevent aircraft collisions in the airspace.

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Gartner's 2023 Technology Trends and their Impact on Air Traffic Control

This article will discuss 2023 technology trends and their possible impact on Air Traffic Control as the European Airspace evolves.

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SkySMC - System Monitoring & Control Software for ATSEP Training - Full Logic in Virtual Reality and Real Life (Video)

This video illustrates how the SMC software, the distributed control system and the 3D virtual reality provide a perfect learning experience to ATSEP.

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A Radar Reference Architecture for ATSEP Qualification

SkyRadar’s Radar reference architecture is a framework that describes the different components that make up a radar system, and how they interact with each other.

It is the basic configuration to provide use cases in system monitoring and control training.

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