This article will explain what ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Programme is, its mission, and the value it can provide to all civil aviation training organizations.


Formed in 2010 by ICAO, TRAINAIR PLUS is a network of training organizations and industry partners in the aviation industry. As the predecessor to the ICAO’s TRAINAIR  programme, TRAINAIR PLUS benefits from more than a quarter of a century of previous experience and expertise.

This training network works to develop and deliver ICAO-standardized training packages with the intent to implement high-quality standards in civil aviation training. These packages include a:

  • Standardized Training Package (STP)
  • ICAO Training Package (ITP)
  • Compliant Training Package (CTP)
  • Partner Training Package (PTP)

Organizations in almost 70 different Member States work together to develop and deliver competency-based training packages throughout this sharing network of knowledge.

What are the Goals of TRAINAIR PLUS?

New call-to-actionThe goals of the TRAINAIR PLUS are two-fold. First and foremost, the program seeks to improve the safety and efficiency of air transportation. Moreover, to accomplish this, TRAINAIR PLUS’s cooperative network works together to establish, maintain, and monitor high standards for training and accessing competencies for aviation personnel across the globe in a cost-effective manner.

TRAINAIR PLUS uses two tools in accomplishing its mission:

  1. Methodology to develop standardized courses in civil aviation disciplines

  2. A shared system of training packages


All training operators and organizations that are recognized or approved by their respective governments can join the TRAINAIR PLUS training network. Candidates eligible for membership includes but is not limited to:

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  • Training divisions of airports, airlines, civil aviation authorities, and maintenance organizations
  • Member State-recognized private training organizations
  • Training centers that offer specialized training for aviation-related safety

There are four levels of membership available to training organizations, offering varying benefits:

  1. Associate Membership for training organizations that pass an on-site assessment.

  2. Full Membership for training centers that develop Standardized Training Packages and want to improve and consolidate their organizations’ competency-based training.

    These organizations, are required to develop an STP, including On-the-Job Training that must be validated by a, ICAO-qualified Validator.

  3. Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) are regional TRAINAIR PLUS members that develop ICAO courses using ICAO provisions through ICAO partnership to develop ITPs.

    RTCEs are assessed by ICAO’s Global Aviation Training (GAT) Office under their high-level criteria and the Framework for ETC Status Recognition and Maintenance.

  4. Corporate Membership is available for aviation institutions and industry organizations who want to participate in TRAINAIR Plus Programme activities and network with its members.

    Corporate Members can contribute to the Programme by making relevant resources or tools available to the network or on a bilateral basis to other members, including developing training packages or providing subject matter expertise.

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