Optimizing Cargo Processes after COVID-19 - IATA's e-Cargo fits perfectly!

Aviation processes are under pressure. The COVID-19 crises raised the demand for a slimming-down and optimization of processes. On the other hand, aviation logistics needs to be flexible enough to be able to rapidly react and adapt, when areas are under pressure, or in need of medical or other emergency supplies.

This article presents IATA's e-CARGO as suitable solution. Then it introduces SkyRadar's e-Cargo Training Suite.

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The Airway Bill in IATA's e-Cargo Process

The Airway Bill (AWB) is one of the central documents in international air cargo. Paper-based AWBs are causing tons of paper, are error prone, open a flank for crime and are inefficient and outdated as a process concept. This is why IATA is pushing the migration over to the fully electronic e-Cargo process.

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IATA's eCargo - Understanding the Air Cargo Industry Master Operating Plan

When IATA first introduced the e-Cargo process, it received a very positive echo, as promises to enhance end-to-end efficiency and safety of the whole air cargo supply chain. But many airports and aviation academies ask the question of how to best implement the process and how to qualify the concerned personnel. This article has the answers.  

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