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Blended Learning in Post-COVID-times - Building On Lessons Learned

COVID-19 forced us on a global scale to quickly rethink our education delivery structures in ATCO and ATSEP qualification processes. What are the lessons learned?

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SkyRadar - Simple Deliveries and Training in Times of COVID-19 and of Restricted Travelling

COVID-19 and limited travelling hampered important projects during the last months. SkyRadar set up a simple and easy to handle delivery and training procedures.

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AIAC and ENIB Launch a Double Diploma Program on Both Sides of the Mediterranean Sea

Despite the difficult context created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Academie Internationale Mohammed VI de l'Aviation Civile and the Ecole Nationale d'Ingenieurs de Brest (ENIB) in France ratified a partnership agreement and a double degree program. They signed remotely!

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Social Distancing, Blended Learning and Virtual Labs with SkyRadar

Many academies and universities are contemplating how to get started again. What are the necessary steps? Are they costly? How can blended learning and virtual labs be rapidly set up?

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Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation - A Role Model for Future Oriented Education in Times of COVID-19

Mohammed VI International Academy of Civil Aviation (AIAC) in Morocco has implemented a distance education system to ensure educational continuity by providing its students with high quality digital and audiovisual resources to continue studying from home.

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Optimizing Cargo Processes after COVID-19 - IATA's e-Cargo fits perfectly!

Aviation processes are under pressure. The COVID-19 crises raised the demand for a slimming-down and optimization of processes. On the other hand, aviation logistics needs to be flexible enough to be able to rapidly react and adapt, when areas are under pressure, or in need of medical or other emergency supplies.

This article presents IATA's e-CARGO as suitable solution. Then it introduces SkyRadar's e-Cargo Training Suite.

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COVID-19 Impact & Aftermaths: Digitization of ATCO & ATSEP Qualification

The world is in a stage of social distancing and lockdown. At the same time it is reinventing itself. Here are suggestions for a situational digitization of ATCO and ATSEP qualification and ways to finance them.

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