The world is in a stage of social distancing and lockdown. At the same time it is reinventing itself. Here are suggestions for a situational digitization of ATCO and ATSEP qualification and ways to finance them.

Biggest global crisis since World War II & Social Distancing

The COVID-19 crisis is a huge, global financial catastrophe. And it is a thread to many lifes and to our health care systems.

People need to stay distant enough to stop the devastating propagation of the virus.

Nobody knows when the virus will be defeated. And nobody knows when the next global or local epidemic will emerge.

Reinventing the world - with an enforced digital dimension

Most of the processes in our society build on physical presence. Up to now, home-office was the exception, distance learning a minor part of the education concepts.

In the world of us adults, just communication was strongly relying on digital tools and remote connections. The telephone and even video conferences are part of our day to day life.

Our kids grow up with Minecraft and similar digital worlds, meet their friends in virtual spaces and reinvent their reality on a monthly basis.

What can we do in the ATCO and ATSEP qualification?

New call-to-actionThe ideal way is to put parts of the qualification into a process, where they can be provided optionally on premise or remotely.

We at SkyRadar generally do not advise to purely work on simulators, but use them as an important part of the media mix.

But we provide all our radars with browser-based UIs, the FreeScopes software.

They can be operated remotely, with a high number of concurrent users (100+). In times like today, these systems allow for an easy remote access.

The access can be managed e.g., with the Moodle Learning Management system which is 

  • web-based
  • open-source
  • and free of charge.

SkyRadar delivers also during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Even during the current crisis, SkyRadar continues delivery of our radars and simulators. Training managers can set up an autonomous teaching infrastructure in a plug-and-play approach, even from home. 

Rapid Crisis Management - SkyRadar suggests to provide virtual solutions as a Service

To help out academies who want to continue operations, SkyRadar suggests to deploy PSR, SSR and NavAids simulators as a service in very short term. This will allow for the continuation of qualification programs and provide fresh-ups for the ATC personnel confined to their homes.

Benefit from national Rapid Recovery Programs

Many governments are currently setting up funds to sponsor the implementation of digital infrastructures as lesson learnt from the COVID-19 crisis. The Air Traffic Sector is one of the pillars of our economy. Its digitization is vital for a reinforced and crisis-resistant society. 

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