SkyRadar has been developing training radar solutions for military training applications since 2008. The solutions have been applied by and optimized with allied forces on 5 continents.This article give an executive overview.

The solutions comprise:

  • Training Radars, Simulators and Digital Signal Processing
  • Electronic Warfare, Electronic Countermeasures and Cyber Resilience
  • System Monitoring and Control for short recovery times and effective predictive maintenance
  • Radar and Tower Simulators for military procedures and combat situations
  • Complete technical and operational training laboratories for military academies

Training Radars and Digital Signal Processing

SkyRadar's 8 GHz Pulse and Doppler radar is a miniaturized x-band radar with up to 30 m range, operating on milliwatt emission power. It was conceived for technical indoor training, perfectly safe for humans. Many students can access the radar concurrently, and are able to experiment independently in realtime on the radar’s IQ signals. In addition, they can record, replay or export data to external environments like MATLAB (hdf5 format) or ATM & mission planning systems (ASTERIX format). 


The Digital Signal Processing and Control Environment FreeScopes starts with basic features (A-Scope, PPI, STC, CFAR, MIT, etc.), then provides more complicated and 2-dimensional algorithms (CFAR-2D, FFT. Spectrograms, Heatmas, 3D-Scope, etc.), ATM and tracking algorithms (plots & tracks, MTD, etc.) as well as modular algorithms to build your own functions (Kalman, iMM, Clutter Map, Signal Delay Block, etc.).

To be able to work with more varied use cases, SkyRadar also offers a radar simulator, which can be the alternative input for the digital signal processing suite.

Read more under: FreeScopes

Electronic Warfare, Electronic Countermeasures and Cyber Resilience


In the context of Electronic Warfare (EW), SkyRadar offers several Noise & DRFM jammers and active targets to “attack” the above described NextGen training radar. Special defense algorithms including Machine Learning help in dismantling the attack and sharpening the true target on the PPI. Apart from the real radar, SkyRadar allows to extend the scope of use cases with simulated or prerecorded attacks. The defense works with the same defense mechanisms in the same DSP infrastructure.

SkyRadar provides its EW solution in the context of cyber-resilience and hybrid warfare. Continuously, more cyber-security solutions are being added, closing the gap between traditional Electronic Warfare and modern Hybrid Defense

System Monitoring and Control for short recovery times in normal and in combat contexts and effective predictive maintenance


In times of interoperability and automation of ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communication and service-oriented architecture (detailed article), the profile of technical service personnel in military and civil contexts changes. The military uses in parts civil infrastructure and data. The civil-military integration is an important aspect. SkyRadar offers System Monitoring and Control (SMC) training solutions to train on-premise servicing and remote service. The latter includes remote switch over control in decentralized architectures or rapid management of remote or compromised architecture & sites in time critical conflict situations. The SMC solution continuously expands to more cyber-security architecture and procedures.

Radar and Tower Simulators for military procedures and combat situations


Military operations in ATC are structured completely differently than civil ATC operations. Examples are permissions, noise restrictions, priorities, minimal height, air refueling etc. 

The strength of our 3D and 2D military simulator: it is actually a fully operational military tower system with a subsequent simulator, replacing the inputs of sensors, radio etc. We have many military references and developed key features with a reputable military research institute.

The simulator includes Military Scenarios, Air-Force related system features, Civil Military Cooperation, Ground Conducted Interception, Predictive Dynamic Interception, Military Mission Planning and many more. We can inject live data into simulation scenarios. SkyRadar’s NextGen Radar as well as the SMC system can be connected to the simulator.

Complete technical and operational training laboratories for military academies


Many military academies accompany the soldiers’ complete technical education. Therefore, SkyRadar provides complete laboratories specially adapted to the academies’ needs.

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