SkySim Technical Radar Simulator -  Description & Datasheet


Alongside our live radar systems, including the NextGen 8 GHz Pulse24 GHz FMCW and 24 GHz Noise radar, SkyRadar offers the technical radar simulator, SkySim. Designed not as a substitute but as an essential complement to real-life radar, SkySim offers flexibility in simulating various radar types and deploying diverse scenarios and use cases. It is particularly advantageous for distance learning programs. Like our live radars, SkySim generates IQ signals that can be visualized and manipulated within FreeScopes, enhancing the learning and operational experience.

The simulator can be expanded to a military simulator for radar and electronic warfare. Read more.


The scope of exercises in the fields which can be implemented with the DSP radar simulator is virtually unlimited. So we just state some fields of application here:

Radar Operation Skills
(FreeScopes series Basic and ATC  required)

  • Radar modes pulse, pulse compression, Doppler, FMCW
  • Variation of transmission power, frequency, pulse width, antenna elevation, antenna rotation speed
  • Application of algorithms and filters like STC, Source Suppress, CFAR, FFT, MTI, MTD etc.

Radar Model

The simulator is based on a simulated radar model with parameters like

  • Detection probability 
  • False alarm rate
  • Range 
  • Range resolution
  • And for the targets:
    Target RCS

Modulation & Waveform

  • Rectangular pulses (variable)
  • PRF (variable)
  • Pulse width (variable)


  • Artificial Jamming (Noise)


  • Stimulated emission power is based on the required Signal-to-Noise ratio SNR
  • SNR is a function of Pd, Pfa and pulse integration
  • Ptx (minimum value) calculated from the Radar equation


  • Radiator Tx for Radar and Jammer
  • Collector Rx for Radar and Jammer


  • Static and moving targets in the simulation environment
  • Spectrogram of Simulated WaveForms

Propagation Environment

Propagation channel between radar and target

  • Sampling Rate
  • WavePropagation
  • Operating frequency

Simulator Output

The simulator provides JSON-formatted I&Q data as output. It is enhanced with metadata like time-stamps.

It can be directly used in FreeScopes or passed to analytic environments like MATLAB with SkyRadar's SDK

Signal Processing

Signal Processing is done in FreeScopes, based on

  • IQ Data
  • Power Detection

Teacher Panel

The teacher panels allows to set the simulator. He / she can place the targets, define the radar type, elevation angle, range, range resolution, Gain and more.

When purchasing simulator and jammer, the panel also allows to set the jammer.


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