SkyRadar's PSR/SSR Simulator Suite includes Pulse, CW, and FMCW radar simulators, SSR Mode A/C and S, ADS-B and more!

A set of simulators support training through the ATSEP student's learning path. The system can be used in classroom training (e.g., for instructor presentations) as well as in self-learning contexts. The system is particularly interesting for remote learning phases, e.g., during refresher phases. E.g., abnormal and emergency situations can be played through.


  • Operating Modes: Pulse, CW, FMCW, SSR (Mode A/C & S), 
  • Scopes (enabled through FreeScopes)
    • A-Scope
    • B-Scope
    • Plan-Position-Indicator (PPI)
    • For secondary radar:
      • Pulse Diagrams and table Sidelobe Suppression, uplink format (UF), downlink format (DF), DBS registers
      • Pseudo Pilot Screens
    • For primary radars:
      • Amplification of raw signal (IQ signal) at receiver
      • Amplification of filtered signal in the scopes
      • Sensitivity Time Control (STC)
      • Signal Threshold and Limiter
      • Range Calibration and Extension
      • Cutting out selections of the signal range
      • Moving Target Detection and Indication
    • and more

The simulators serve for demonstration purposes in the basic phases and helps e.g., with familiarization and configuration in later stages (e.g. emergency, when there is a system failure). During periods of on-the-job training, ATSEP personnel can access the simulators remotely as they are optimized on operations over the ANSP's intranet.

Read more about the system's technical details here.

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