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A Radar Reference Architecture for ATSEP Qualification

SkyRadar’s Radar reference architecture is a framework that describes the different components that make up a radar system, and how they interact with each other.

It is the basic configuration to provide use cases in system monitoring and control training.

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The SkyRadar Product Family is Growing

The SkyRadar product family embraces primary and secondary training radars, simulators, jammers, system monitoring and control solutions, and a complete tower and radar simulator. All systems are based on service-oriented architecture and can be interconnected via plug and play.

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SkyRadar - Complete Solution & Fully in Phase With the ATM Master Plan (Video)

SkyRadar's modules can be interconnected as easy as Lego. But its architecture is service-oriented like the Single European Sky in the ATM-Masterplan and interconnected ATM like in ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan.

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Emergency Phases and Rescue Coordination Center

In aviation when the safety of an aircraft or its occupants is supposed to be in danger it is called an emergency phase.

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Visit Us at World ATM Congress 2022

SkyRadar will exhibit at the World ATM 2022, Hall 9, Stand #1311, 21.-23. June in Madrid. Our focus will be Training Radars, Electronic Warfare, Tower Simulators, and Cybersecurity. Please fix an appointment with us at, so that we can reserve sufficient time to discuss your project. Learn more about the subjects we will showcase at the conference.

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Pedagogically Enhanced Monitoring System in Intuitive FreeScopes Style (Video)

SkyRadar has developed a pedagogically enhanced monitoring environment. The system trains ATSEP on monitoring system health, but also on rapidly locating errors or points of system degradation, on rapidly fixing them and keeping downtimes short.

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NextGen Pulse Radar Implementation and Application Test by Ulisses Sodré de Almeida, Edasim Brazil

NextGen implementation and application test by Ulisses Sodré de Almeida, Edasim, Brazil.

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Empowering ATSEP & ATCO - Holistic Qualification Infrastructure Including Tower Simulators, Monitoring, Cybersecurity, Radar and Technical Labs

ATC keeps on getting more challenging. ATSEP & ATCO have to perform in normal times and to excel in times of incidents and system degradation. In this article and video we give a short insight into SkyRadar's modular qualification solutions.

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Challenges in Automotive Radars - To be addressed in Radar Training

Today's auto mechanics who undergo automotive radar training are called "autotronics technicians." They must be knowledgeable about the part of the electromagnetic spectrum called millimeter waves, located between microwave and infrared waves. This frequency range covers 30 gigahertz (GHz) to  300 GHz. It allows for faster digital communications using radar and 5G. Here's a look at how millimeter waves facilitate automotive radar training and testing.

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