SkyRadar PPI Scope, B-Scope Radar,

PSR & SSR Simulator



It includes the simulators on Pulse, CW, FMCW, eSAR, SSR, ADS-B, TCAS and more.  A comfortable pseudo-pilot screen allows to set the scene and to place aircraft (with different positions, speed and height) in the sky. An unlimited amount of concurrent Controller Work Positions (CWP) can analyze primary and secondary radar images through scopes like A-Scopes, B-Scopes or PPI-scopes.


It includes the following simulators:

  • Primary Surveillance Radar
    Controller Work Position of PSR Pulse
    Controller Work Position of PSR Pulse
    • Pulse
    • Constant Wave (CW) / Doppler
    • Frequency Modulated Constant Wave (FMCW)
    • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
    • inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar (iSAR)
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar
    • Mode-A/C
    • Mode-S
    • ADS-B
    • Collision Avoidance (TCAS) and Minimum Height Alert

The system can be operated through ethernet or wireless networks. A minimum of 8 pseudo-pilot positions (PPP) can provide concurrent airspace settings. The number of concurrent users (controller work positions CWP) is not limited and can exceed 500 concurrent students.

The FreeScopes applications get active in a plug-and-play approach, as soon as the corresponding radar, simulator or training environment is plugged in.


The simulator works with

Pseudo Pilot Display of SkyRadar's PSR & SSR Simulator
Pseudo Pilot Display
  • Pseudo Pilot Positions (PPP)
    • PPPs allow to choose and place aircrafts in the airspace, to set speed, course, position and altitude
    • In addition, the PPP is the control center for application-dependent controls e.g., for environmental reflections, polarization, range resolution, angle resolution, etc.
  • Controller Work Positions (CWP)
    • CPWs represent the view of the air traffic controller
    • All CWPs include a PPI-Scope, an A-Scope and a B-Scope, and application dependent controls such as sliders for brightness and amplification in the scopes, filters such as Sensitive Time Control, Signal Amplification, Threshold/Limiter or the function of Moving Target Indication.


Radar Modes

  • PSR Pulse
    • Object detection, environmental reflections, clutter processing, optimisation of radar display settings,
      Radar Cross Section analysis, Sensitive Time Control, threshold and amplification,
      change of polarization, etc.

      FMCW displays
      Controller Work Position of the FMCW
  • CW / Doppler
    • Speed
  • FMCW
    • Object detection, optimisation of radar display settings, Radar Cross Section analysis,
      change of polarisation, Sensitive Time Control, threshold and amplification, etc.
  • SAR and iSAR
    • Radar Cross Section analysis
    • Optimisation of radar display
  • SSR Mode A/C and Mode S
    • Sidelobe Surpression, uplink format (UF), downlink format (DF), DBS registers, ADS-Principle.
    • Visualisation of PPI (aircrafts on map), B-Scope, A-Scope, pulse graph, visualisation of data packages embedded in the signal
    • TCAS


FreeScopes consist of:

  • One (1) simulation server
  • One (1) license for SkyRadar Simulation Server software utilization
  • One (1) Operating manual in English language freely downloadable.


  • Computers with latest HTML5 enabled browser. Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, MS Internet explorer, Opera and Safari are able to read HTML5.
  • One (1) Cloud server


SkyRadar's FreeScopes software is the only radar training software available in the market, which is accessible by an unlimited amount of concurrent users, . Also the broad coverage of solutions required for ICAO and EuroControl ATCO and ATSEP training programs as well as IATA qualifications makes SkyRadar the preferred choice of many aviation academies and IATA TrainAir Plus accredited institutions. Also, many universities and military academies use FreeScopes within their qualification, education, training or research programs.