In most of the cases, aviation academies want to model their airport in 3D and create a video map of the surrounding FIR. But often, a fantasy airport has a more sustainable teaching impact. And a significant cost-saving potential. Learn why!

It is great to familiarize ATCOs with their working environment - with their airport and with the airspace around the airport.

It allows to accelerate the learning and airport familiarization curve. Also - scenarios related to the airport can be played through, options can be evaluated, etc.


The disadvantages: the skills will be hardwired on this specific airport and airspace. Transfer from this airport to another might be difficult.

Fantasy Airports Have More Pedagogical Scope

What we always suggest is a fantasy airport, or as we call it, a "Seahorse Airport".

Fantasy Airport - view from the side

This airport should be a challenging one, with parallel runways, runway crossings, potentially surrounding mountains and more.

Fantasy Airports - full of surprises

The pedagogical advantage: the ATCO can be confronted with any possible procedural or system challenge possible.

And going further, real challenges can be created while setting important systems like the NavAids into depreciated state.

Systems which are not yet present in the local infrastructure, like ADS-B can already be included.

Flexible learning with challenging FIRs

Also applying challenging weather conditions on complex infrastructure are from a pedagogical point of view of high value.

runway at night

ATCOs will gain a more environment independent knowledge, allowing them to be more flexible in their thinking. Also they can be easily transferred to other airports, where they are able to apply their transfer competencies: having been confronted with most of the possible constellations makes is easy for him or her.

To teach the holistic airflow of en-route - approach - tower and ground, just use a seahorse video-map of a greater airspace around the seahorse aerodrome.

When ever needed, any Ground, Tower, Approach or Pilot position can be used as en-route environment, so the basic setting can be configured on demand to have even more flexibility.

Significant cost advantages

It is more economical to use one of our existing fantasy airports in the initial set up. This has a nice effect on the initially needed budget. And it will also shorten the delivery time.

Specific 3D models of existing airports of airspaces can be added in a 2nd step, e.g., with special upgrade-budgets. Often, the regulations for ANSPs offer to purchase add-on modules to previously acquired system in a magnitude of 20% of the initial investment budget.

Let us talk. We will find a way to set up your Aerodrome training system without exceeding your available budget...

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