SkySMC - SkyRadar’s System Monitoring and Control Suite is a pedagogically enhanced, fully operational monitoring tool. We have optimized it to cater for the ATSEP-SMC training compliant to EASA's Easy Access Rules for ATM-ANS (Regulation (EU) 2017/373) and to ICAO doc 10057.

SkySMC is not a simulator, but a fully operational open monitoring system. It comes by default with a server including various virtualized applications and virtualized servers.

In addition it can be connected to a multitude of SkyRadar systems like

  • NextGen 8 GHz Radar including the rotary tripod
  • A pedagogical server-rack with various servers, networks, UPS and possibilities to create faults and errors
  • A configurable sensor base, allowing to monitor any device or system on parameters like voltage, current, illumination, pressure, temperature and many more
  • A fully operational Air Traffic Management system and tower simulator providing error messages.

In the following webinar, we give an introduction into the handling System Monitoring and Control Suite. 

Please also look at the various other articles and pages on our system monitoring and control solution.

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