SkyRadar's NavAids simulator is the ATCO's and ATSEP's qualification tool to using and servicing the airports' Instrument Landing Systems, Distance Measuring Equipment and VOR.

The modular solution has been developed for ATSEP and ATCO.


The NavAids Simulator is part of SkyRadar's Radar Training and Simulation Suite.

How is the Simulator Structured? 

  • NavAids Module 1: ILS Antenna patterns and dependency on antenna array

  • NavAids Module 2: DME and VOR antenna patterns and dependency on antennas 

  • NavAids Module 3: Electronic and electrical circuits in ILS / DME / VOR systems

  • NavAids customized modules: specific extensions customized on your NavAids system and specific requirements can be added on project-basis.

New call-to-actionThe simulator provides all important diagrams such as

  • CSB and SBO course diagrams

  • CSB and SBO clearance diagrams

  • Phase diagrams

  • Course DDM, SDM and Rf field strength diagrams

  • Clearance DDM, SDM and Rf field strength diagrams
  • DDM and SDM diagrams

  • and much more.


The simulator allows ATCOs to rapidly understand the technology and to use it effectively (and of course to rapidly and react in cases of irregularities or down-times in a structured and optimal way).

For ATSEP it provides the work-bench to learn and understand the technology but also to get skilled for analyzing the system (technology and antenna fields), rapidly finding errors or discalibrations, and to rapidly fix problems.

Contact us if you want to know more, or if you are interested in acquiring the simulator.

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