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Endorsing W3C's Contract for the Web

In November 2019, the World Wide Web Consortium published a contract for the Web, motivating governments, companies and citizens to join forces and strive for a respectful, affordable, democratic and open Web, for the best of every citizen. SkyRadar endorses this and is specific in its commitments.

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AI is a Key Pillar in ICAO's Next Gen Radar Infrastructure - Impacting Technology, Procedures & Qualification

Artificial Intelligence is starting to become a game changer in Aviation. In this article we look at its expected impacts on radar technology and describe SkyRadar's solutions to qualify ATCO and ATSEP on applied AI.

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Advancing RADAR for everyone - A Vision

We started more than 10 years ago. We were driven by the idea of blending radar and Web technology. Our idea was to bring radars to unknown performance, all while bringing costs down to the bottom-line. Now we are adding medical applications, robotics, AI and industrial applications. And it is just the beginning...

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8.2 Billion Air Travellers in 2037 (IATA) - What needs to change in ATC & how will that impact training

8.2 Billion Air Travelers in 2037 if policies remain constant, but with a policy stimulus we will crack the 10 billion passenger line. How can aviation infrastructure grow, how can air traffic control infrastructure keep pace and how can we make sure we will have enough, and sufficiently trained personnel?

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eIDAS in the Aviation Sector

The aviation industry is a prime example of a sector that should be eager to adopt the new eIDAS enabled tools and services. The industry has a large volume of identity checks to perform, these checks are very time-sensitive and cost intensive and all of this has a direct impact on customer experience.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Radar Technology

Technology is always changing. A large percentage of it will make our lives easier by enhancing how we learn or go about our daily jobs in ways that were never thought before. Artificial intelligence and machine learning stand at the forefront of technology’s future, including their use in radar technology. The purpose of this article is to define what AI and machine learning are, how they relate to each other and what their role may be in radar technology.

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