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Understanding ICAO's NGAP Programme Targeting NextGen Aviation Professionals

In 2009, the ICAO foresaw the growing need for qualified and competent aviation professionals to fill future vacancies created by the anticipated retirements of an aging "Baby Boomer" generation. The aviation industry also faces competition from other sectors who are also seeking skilled professionals for their own expected vacancies. From this need, the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative was born and was quickly elevated from an initiative status to programme status.

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TrainAir Plus… A Path to Growing Your Training Center

It is anticipated that over the next 20 years, the aviation industry will need to fill 3,507 jobs a day to meet the shortage of skilled aviation workers that will grow exponentially as the industry continues to grow.

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TrainAir Plus Working to Solve Aviation’s Manpower Shortage

This article addresses the aviation industry’s current and future manpower shortage and how ICAO is helping with TrainAir Plus training initiatives.

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ATSEP & ATCO: 5 Success Factors for Your Integrated Aerodrome & Radar Training System

ATC training is costly. But the personnel needs to be qualified, including regular refresher trainings. How to be able to afford the right unit and continuation training for ATSEP and ATCO in the same time? Here is a solution.

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Regional TrainAir Plus Centre of Excellence & Compliance - What You Need to Consider

This article discusses the responsibilities and compliance requirements associated with becoming a Regional TrainAir Plus Centre of Excellence (RTCE).

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