In 2009, the ICAO foresaw the growing need for qualified and competent aviation professionals to fill future vacancies created by the anticipated retirements of an aging "Baby Boomer" generation. The aviation industry also faces competition from other sectors who are also seeking skilled professionals for their own expected vacancies. From this need, the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative was born and was quickly elevated from an initiative status to programme status.

New call-to-actionConcentrated Effort to Reach the Next Generation

To increase awareness of aviation careers, industry stakeholders, including airports, air navigation service providers, training providers, and universities have worked with national and international education and labour stakeholders to target the NextGen of Aviation Professionals.

The NGAP Programme vision is to develop "a global aviation community that has sufficient competent human resources to support a safe, secure, and sustainable air transportation system."


SkyRadar Supports NGAP's Mission

New call-to-actionNGAP seeks to attract interest in aviation careers by resolving barriers to affordable training and education programs with harmonized competencies.

The Programme's mission has been to develop the strategies, standards, guidelines, best practices, and tools along with facilitating the sharing of information needed to attract, educate, and retain the next generation of aviation professionals.

SkyRadar is the #1 supplier of PSR and SSR training radars worldwide. Our focus is on supporting NGAP's mission by delivering NextGen training systems and radar training solutions to aviation academies and universities.

This equipment is playing a critical part in attracting and qualifying best-in-class ATSEP and ATCO candidates to secure the skies.

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