Airport Firefighting Training Systems - Real Life Training Equipment in Sync with Virtual Reality (Videos)

SkyRadar provides Airport Fire-Fighting Training Solutions. Virtual reality and real life training are perfectly synchronized, orchestrated by the trainers through easy-to-implement training scenarios.

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How To Qualify ATCO & ATSEP for Preventing Accidents and For Keeping Control in Precarious Situations

Tragic accidents keep on happening with intensifying air traffic. Although we might never bring the risk down to zero, there are ways to minimize it and in the unfortunate case of an accident to have emergency protocols in place that will limit the damage.

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SkyTalks - Preventing Transmission of Infectious Disease

Outbreaks such as Corona, or in recent years Ebola and Measles have raised concerns regarding the spread of diseases worldwide within a short time-frame. In addition, crew and passengers are concerned about becoming infected during air travel. Apart from health implications, outbreaks could also have significant operational and economic repercussion.

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