The SkyRadar product family embraces primary and secondary training radars, simulators, jammers, system monitoring and control solutions, and a complete tower and radar simulator. All systems are based on service-oriented architecture and can be interconnected via plug and play.

Modular Radar Suite

A common system can now carry Pulse, FMCW and noise radar transceivers and antennas (plug and play). Click on the images to start explainer videos.


The modular suite includes a technical radar simulator (SkySim), simulating radar IQ data, as reflected by targets (see the features). The simulator includes the modes pulse, pulse compression, Doppler, FMCW. The trainer can set the targets in the teacher panel and change many radar parameters (Watch the introduction video).

The extended simulator also includes noise jamming (spot jamming, barrage jamming) and deception jamming (range deception, angle deception, speed deception) including radar lock-on through the jammer.


Apart from the simulated jammer, the Radar Suite includes a real physical deception jammer (The export of the jammer and the jamming simulator is regulated by EU law. Export outside of the EU is subject to special release procedures).

FreeScopes, a special digital signal processing suite allows for the calibration and visualisation of radar data. The next chapter provides the details.

Digital Signal Processing with FreeScopes

The digital signal processing software ( see videos on Basic I, Basic II, ATC I, ATC II) can work with both the live radars and our simulator.

The signal processor is unique in the market. Many students can assemble block diagrams concurrently in real time from live signals (provided as IQ data). Radar signals can be recorded and replayed or exported into scientific environments like MATLAB. The data-format is the MATLAB-friendly HDF5. The students can work with the replayed signals and with simulated signals. (Pre-filtered) signals can be exported from any position in the block diagram. 

There are special FreeScopes modules against noise jamming and deception jamming (repeater jamming, digital radio frequency memory jamming DRFM).

System Monitoring and Control

A major issue in modern civil and military ATM systems is the interoperability across system boundaries, even across country boundaries. SkyRadar's system monitoring and control solution SkySMC, a service-oriented ATSEP working position to train effective monitoring and speedy system recovery. The operational solution can connect to any technical device or system with IP address and OID and analyze many variables. The own solutions like the radar systems or the Tower and Radar Simulator can be connected and monitored. Special training infrastructure like the server and network unit SkyRack ATM or the battery of transmitters and receivers and be connected, the ATSEP can switch over from faulty components the backup devices. The teachers have access to special Fault-Panels to induce the system degradation. SkyRadar provides access to a growing library of pre-implemented use cases.

SkyRack-Monitoring-Infrastructure-front-and-rear-SkyRadarMonitoring-system-gaugesReceiver-Transmitter-Mixer-Troubleshooting-guide (2)

ATM System as Tower and Radar Simulator

Tower-simulator-integrated-electronic-stripsSkyRadar offers the most exhaustive end-to-end Radar and Tower Simulator in the market, including 3D TWR, APP, ACC, but also GND & A-SMGCS and more. Based on an operational ATC system, it is a suitable tool for ATCO and ATSEP training. It connects seamlessly to the radar and radar simulator (as RDPS) and to the monitoring and control system

The design of the system is fully in compliance with ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards and recommendations and the manufacturer is certified by Civil Aviation Authority for design, development and implementation of Aviation Ground Facilities.

Interoperability and Service Orientation

The EU's ATM-Masterplan and ICAO's Global Air Navigation Plan mandate interoperability and service orientation. All SkyRadar systems are based on service-oriented architecture and can be interconnected via plug and play.

The solutions are modular and follow an open system architecture. They equally satisfy requirements by universities, aviation academies and military academies.

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