In this video we show, compare and discuss  the implementations of several algorithms to detect or indicate moving targets. The signals are detected with SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Training radar and visualized with the FreeScopes Environment. We first present the classical Moving Target Indication Algorithm. Then we look at an MTI version with post processing. Hereafter we show a non-Doppler implementation of the Moving Target Detection algorithm. And lastly, we look at an MTD implementation with Doppler Frequency analysis.

All algorithms are implemented in FreeScopes and use live data from SkyRadar's NextGen 8 GHz Training Pulse radar.


The Moving Target Indication Process is implemented in FreeScopes Basic I. A second enhanced MTI including post-processing is implemented in FreeScopes ATC I. 

MTI has several technical limits. As discussed above it misses moving targets when they stand still. Therefore many modern radars implement the Moving Target Detection process, which is also part of FreeScopes ATC I. Read more about MTD in the article: The Enhanced Moving Target Detection in Radar Technology.

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