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Dawn M. Turner

Dawn M. Turner is a professional author with a passion for technical regulations and standards, as well as for their relevance and impact on corporate operations and industry in general. Dawn has more than 10 years of IT industry experience in hardware, programming & systems & network engineering. Her educational background includes a Certificate in computer operations & programming, CompTIA and Microsoft certifications, including A+, MCSE and MCP, Associates degree with major in business & minor in computer science, Bachelors of Science degree with major in business forensics & minor in accounting and an MBA with concentrations in finance & economics.

NextGen ATC - How Do Millennials Learn

Millennials are the first generation to spend most of their lives exposed to rapid technological change. Today, this group is extremely tech savvy and tech dependent, and this has affected their preferences for their learning experience.

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Ready for the Next Generation - Tapping into Millennial Learning Styles

How do millennials learn and why does this matter to aviation academies? This article looks at the specifics of the younger generation. What drives them and what are their specific learning patterns? And how do aviation academies need to adapt to attract the best of them and to qualify them most effectively?

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Is your Aviation Academy Attractive for the Next Generation?

It is projected that by 2036, the aviation sector will need 125,000 air traffic controllers, and 1.3 million aircraft maintenance personnel to fill vacancies left by retiring aviation professionals. In 2016, the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) Programme was formalized as an ICAO initiative to meet the need for trained and qualified aviation professionals.

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TrainAir Plus… A Path to Growing Your Training Center

It is anticipated that over the next 20 years, the aviation industry will need to fill 3,507 jobs a day to meet the shortage of skilled aviation workers that will grow exponentially as the industry continues to grow.

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TrainAir Plus Working to Solve Aviation’s Manpower Shortage

This article addresses the aviation industry’s current and future manpower shortage and how ICAO is helping with TrainAir Plus training initiatives.

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Regional TrainAir Plus Centre of Excellence & Compliance - What You Need to Consider

This article discusses the responsibilities and compliance requirements associated with becoming a Regional TrainAir Plus Centre of Excellence (RTCE).

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The Advantages of Being a TrainAir Plus Partner of Excellence and How to Get There

This article will describe the advantages of being a TrainAir Plus Partner of Excellence and explain how to achieve this special membership level.

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Benefits of Being a TrainAir Plus Member

The TrainAir Plus network consists of four categories of membership. This article discusses each membership category and its associated benefits.

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Understanding the Relevancy of Competency-Based Training for ATCO and ATSEP Trainees

This article will explain the importance of Competency Based Training and the role it plays in the preparing ATCO and ATSEP students for their jobs.

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