Millennials are the first generation to spend most of their lives exposed to rapid technological change. Today, this group is extremely tech savvy and tech dependent, and this has affected their preferences for their learning experience.

Their preference for high-tech has led the millennial demographic to develop the expectation for the latest up-to-date technology in the learning experiences they seek out. But there are other factors to consider along with the preference for learning experiences that utilize tech for attracting and retaining millennial learners.

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Curious and Driven by Technology

By nature, millennials are extremely curious. They also have no fear when it comes to technology. Millennials are always up to the challenge of engaging with the latest types of technology and the latest devices. Because they are discovery-driven, this group of learners are interested in the latest technology. Their focus on technology is not necessarily on its fundamentals like knowing why it works. Instead, they are typically focused just on how it works. Because of their affinity for almost anything tech-related, they are also used to juggling multiple activities, not necessarily all learning activities at the same time, making them multi-taskers.

Immediate Feedback Desired

Millennials have a desire for immediate feedback on their learning activities and assessment results. Therefore, they expect their learning tools to provide that feedback. To be effective, feedback usually explains why the student’s response may be incorrect for the question asked or situation presented. Millennials are not necessarily interested in the fundamentals of why a solution is incorrect or correct, and this can sometimes work to their detriment. While they would prefer to see the solution to a problem (Solution over Theory), they may not always be able to relate the solution to similar problems. Millennials do learn from failure but do have a need to see counter-examples that contradict their theories.

New call-to-actionThirsty for Interesting Learning Content

Millennials are more enthusiastic about engaging in activities that interest them using technology. However, they are easily bored with topics and learning activities that do not interest them. High on the list of learning activities that keep their interest are technology, media, the Internet, and social activities. They are also visually focused; therefore, they prefer learning tools that allow them to visualize in their minds when being introduced to learning topics and theories.

Difficulty Working in Teams

While millennials are interested in social activities, they do often struggle with working in teams. Because of the tendency for this generation to put their personal interests before that of their team, they often need help with building teamwork skills.

For the NextGen ATC initiative to be successful in attracting millennials to meet its goals of filling thousands upon thousands of expected aviation career vacancies, training facilities need to better understand how millennials learn to make themselves attractive to potential students.

Looking at the vital role of team-spirit in ATC, it is important that the qualification program helps the young professional to become good team players, able to interact rapidly in normal operations and even more in cases of emergency.

Being armed with this knowledge and the right learning equipment can help training facilities take advantage of the opportunities presented with NextGen ATC.

SkyRadar's next generation equipment targets this group of young people with attractive, technically appealing and modern training solutions. 

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References and Further Reading

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