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The Most Precise Training SAR in the World - Insights, Video Footage, Background-Information

SAR is a method of synthetically increasing the aperture of an antenna to achieve a finer spatial resolution of the target. The method finds increasing application in Civil Aviation and industry. This article describes and shows videos of measurements, taken with SkyRadar's SAR training radar.

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Advancing RADAR for everyone - A Vision

Eric and I have started more than 10 years ago. We were driven by the idea of blending radar and Web technology. Our idea was to bring radars to unknown performance, all while bringing costs down to the bottom-line. Now we are adding medical applications, robotics, AI and industrial applications. And it is just the beginning...

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TrainAir Plus… A Path to Growing Your Training Center

It is anticipated that over the next 20 years, the aviation industry will need to fill 3,507 jobs a day to meet the shortage of skilled aviation workers that will grow exponentially as the industry continues to grow.

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