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RASS-S Training Radar



The system consists of a primary surveillance radar subset (2.4 - 2.8 GHz) and a secondary surveillance radar subset. It is managed by a training server, optimized on ATSEP training.

The primary and secondary radar RASS-S system are actuated by corresponding radar signals, emitted by training radars. In addition, the secondary radar receives real ADS-B live signal sources. The measurements are recorded. The ASTERIX output can be passed through the CloudServer (extension) to 100+ computers for concurrent measurement and learning experience.

The system has been developed for civil applications .

Features Primary Radar

  • Antenna measurements, Gain, Beam-pointing
  • Reflection measurements, recordings and analysis
    • Vector measurements I/Q,
    • Moving Target Indicator
    • Clutter processing
    • Doppler filters
    • Pulse compression
    • Target detection
  • Software modules for analysis of didactically focused recording and real ATC radar data
Figure: primary radar measurement (MTI)

Features Secondary Radar

  • Uplink measurement
    • Antenna diagrams: Horizontal Polar Diagram, Beamwidth, Pulse shapes,
      Sidelobes, SLS etc.
  • Downlink measurement
    • Antenna diagrams: Horizontal Polar Diagram, Beamwidth, Monopulse,
      Sidelobes,SLS etc.
  • Receiver measurements
    • Sensitivity , bandwidth, (D)STC, sectorial (D)STC), ...
    • Monopulse, Phase-Amplitude, alignment
  • Transmitter measurements
    • Power, pulse shape, stagger, …
  • Video recordings and analysis
    • Target Code, Pulse shape, range, azimuth
  • ASTERIX recordings and analysis
    • Plot, Track …
  • ADS-B


The RASS-S Training System consists of:

  • Hardware Configuration of the RASS-S Training System for SSR/PSR:
    a. Radar Field Analyser
    b. Radar Interface Module
    c. Didactical Test Interrogator
    d. Didactical Primary Radar DPR
    e. Data Recorder UDR
    f. Target Generator for Primary Radars
    g. Target Generator for Secondary Radars
    h. RASS-S workstation
    i. RASS-R workstation
    j. Training Server with Disturbance / Fault injection software and ASTERIX-fed Scopes
  • Software Packages
    a. RASS-S ( full license)
    b. RASS-R ( didactical use)



As the RASS-S training system is modular and open by design, it can extended by countless systems. Please discuss your requirements with us.

The broad coverage of solutions useful in ICAO and EuroControl ATCO and ATSEP training programs as well as IATA qualifications makes SkyRadar the preferred choice of many aviation academies and IATA TrainAir Plus accredited institutions. Also, many universities  use the PSR Base Module within their qualification, education, training or research programs.

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