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The Enchanting Singing and Dancing of the Radars (Video)

My colleague Volker recorded this short video of our NextGen Radars "singing" and "dancing" during release testing.

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2-Dimensional Constant false alarm rate CFAR Explained Using FreeScopes (Video)

The following video explains in detail the 2 Dimensional CFAR.

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NextGen 8 GHz: Catching Moving Targets with CFAR, MTD and a Heatmap (Video)

This video show several blocks in the digital signal processing chain that allow to enhance the visibility and tracking of moving targets. We show CFAR, Moving Targete Detection with Doppler Filtering, a Heatmap and the I and Q signals.

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FreeScopes 7 - Modular Block Diagrams and a Large Library of Scopes, Filters and Algorithms (Video)

In January 2021, SkyRadar introduced the new Radar User Interface and Control Center "FreeScopes 7".

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Walking through the Basic Functions of FreeScopes (Video)

For beginners, it is difficult to start off and to enter the radar world. The pedagogically designed FreeScopes application together with SkyRadar's radars gives easy access to the concept of radars - hands on.

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SkyRadar NextGen 8 GHz Pulse Radar: Video on the Measurement of the Radar Cross Section in PPI and A-Scope

Radar cross-section (RCS) is the cross section of an object as seen by a radar. A larger RCS indicates that an object is more easily detected.

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NextGen 8 GHz Radar - Working with FreeScopes and the Floating Panels (VIDEO)

The 8 GHz Pulse Radar is available now. It is simple to handle, more precise than any other training Pulse Radar and perfectly responding to ICAO's NGAP programme to attract and qualify high-performers.

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