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DSP Radar Simulator incl. Virtual Jammers


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The simulator is able to simulate radar, noise jammer and deception jammers. This allows to apply the simulator in the context of civil and military defence training.

The solution allows for the following 3 scenarios

  • Full simulation (radar and jammer are simulated)
  • Real radar and simulated jammer
  • Real radar and real jammer


  • Radar Simulator
    • Pulse
    • FMCW
  • Jammer Simulator
    • Noise jammers
    • Deception jammers


  • NextGen FreeScopes Basic I
  • NextGen FreeScopes Basic II
  • NextGen FreeScopes ATC I
  • NextGen FreeScopes ATC II
  • SkyRadar Cloud Server
  • Server Module


  • 8 GHz Pulse Radar (recommended)
  • SkyRadar Rotary Tripod (recommended
  • NextGen FreeScopes ATC Disturbance Filtering and Analysis I (required for jamming defense applications)
  • NextGen FreeScopes ATC Disturbance Filtering and Analysis II (required for jamming defense applications)
  • NextGen FreeScopes Artificial Intelligence I
  • SkyRadar Mobile Target Positioning System
  • 24 GHz FMCW extension (required for jamming defense applications)
  • 24 GHz Noise Radar extension

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